Creating a Mission Statement

"Reflections in Red", Digital Art, 2015. 

"Reflections in Red", Digital Art, 2015. 

I’ve struggled for months to write an artist statement. The mere thought of it has sent me into a special mode of procrastination. There are so many other things that need to be done: the dishes, changing the cat box, giving the dog a bath. Anything to justify my avoidance of it. I sit here today, committed to completing this task. Being honest with myself as to why this has become such a terrifying undertaking.

Why have I procrastinated on writing an artist statement?

Just to clarify, an artist statement is a written statement of an artist’s work. Intended to provide insight and understanding to the viewer of the artist’s meaning. It should come rather naturally, as who is more able to describe my work and intention than me? Yes, but therein lies a certain amount of vulnerability.


One can shy away from one’s own heart for only so long, Avoiding a greater purpose and passion eventually becomes too great a burden. In the same way I’ve often encouraged and coaxed the dreams of others, I now find myself overcoming my own fears.

It’s more than an artist statement to me. I don’t want to merely describe a body of work, or a series of paintings. I want to describe my life, the way I’ve always wanted to live it, as a constant and ever changing work of art. Portraying the highs and lows, sorrows and joys alike. Planting seeds as I go. Seeds of hope, inspiration, independence. Being conscious of the brush strokes of my daily actions, effectively placing each mark on the greater canvas of life. The big picture.

I require of myself a regression back to the basics. Back to that girl within who’d never been discouraged or influenced by another’s opinion. Untouched by the seething question of: who do you think you are? That very same self that exists within every person, fully aware of her awesomeness and potential.

Then there is the necessity of sharing this “life as art”, this big picture. Stepping out of the shadows and into the light. Navigating through uncharted territories as a contemporary artist, engaging with audiences and fans through social media.