An Exercise in Creativity (continued)


Work continues on my challenge in creativity: taking a pre-made work of discount art and changing it to something else. I have been working off and on with the portrait.

I was initially unsure of where I was going with it, so I started by making some changes in color. Bringing in some really dark colors in the hopes of creating depth, while allowing bits of the lighter, underlying colors to peek through. As I painted with a deep, dark blue, I remembered an antique oriental rug that was in the living room when I was little. Taking inspiration from that color scheme, I added the yellow/gold color to the chair.



As I progressed, I began focusing on the subject of the portrait. If I were to have my own portrait done, I would want less of a photographic look and more drama.  So, in addition to relocating the subject’s arm , I went with an up-do. Hands in lap, and hair framing her face and freeing the neckline. Her seated position was beginning to seem a little more comfortable. 

Continuing, I changed the dress color to a rosy shade (borrowing again from the color scheme of the oriental rug). I added a bouquet of marigolds on the lap. A dark forest has emerged in the background, and strange bones in the foreground. Perhaps I’ve watched too many horror movies lately, but the mood for this piece has definitely taken a turn toward the macabre.  I think I’m okay with that. The intent of this exercise being to reach out of my comfort zone. I’ll continue to update with my progress. Below, a side by side comparison of the original work (right), and the work in progress (left).