Bird Brain Inspiration

The lateness of the spring this year brought with it colder nights, and there were concerns about the young chickens being outdoors too soon. Finally, though, they went out into the coop. They've already begun to learn their new routine. 

Their first trip to the coop, they complained and squawked. Fluffing their feathers and complaining as they were sent through the coop door. They spent the first night there, without incident. The following morning, their door was opened, and they retreated to the far corners of the coop. They were reluctantly encouraged to come out into the yard, poking their heads out the door, not understanding how to hop out. Their journey from coop to garden (where the idea is that they'll clear and fertilize the ground), was a bit of a mess. They squawked their objections and ran about in various directions, without unity. On the third day, though, the little bird brained creatures have already learned. Which gives me hope for the rest of us. They hopped out of the coop, one by one, and began the journey to the garden with no redirection. They moved in unity, as a proper flock. 

Just a little commitment and work, and even the simplest of creatures can learn. Just like the chickens, when it is time to do something new (even if it's in our best interests) we complain, squawk, ruffle feathers and flap wings in objection.