5 Reasons Your Spirit Animal Might Be a Raccoon

I carry a little figure of a raccoon with me. I call her Rachael Raccoon (#rachaelraccoon). I place her in photographs that would be difficult to place myself in, or sometimes I just take fun little pictures of her. I admire raccoons, they are adaptable, clever, and tenacious. Not to mention, super cute. I once came face to face with one. I’d stepped out my back door, onto the porch. Just a few feet from me, on top of a chain link fence was a raccoon. Had it been any other animal, I might have run back inside and grabbed my camera for an opportune photo shoot. As it was, I just ran back inside. I could hear her cubs splashing in my little backyard pond, just beneath her vantage point on the fence. I had no desire of provoking the wrath of a mama raccoon.  

I have joked over the years that if I had a spirit animal, it would likely be a raccoon. Here are 5 reasons why the raccoon may be your spirit animal, too.

  • You often see value in things that someone else has discarded. Raccoons have earned their reputations as “trash pandas”, they aren’t opposed to some resourceful repurposing. While you may not be eating the neighbors’ leftovers, you aren’t above salvaging the occasional chair or side table. Your clever repurposing doesn’t end there, yard sales and second hand stores are also resources. After all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

  • You’re adaptable. From urban to rural, raccoons can live anywhere.They adapt and thrive in their environments. Wherever you go, there you are. You can make it work.

  • You have nocturnal insights. Sure, you can do things in the day, but whether it’s the cover of darkness, or the quiet stillness, something just clicks in your busy mind at night. You may suddenly be inspired to clean under the sink, or come up with a great opening line for your memoirs.

  • People sometimes misread that non-threatening face. That cute little face, those deep, intelligent eyes! But raccoons prefer to be left alone. So do you. Both you and a raccoon will sometimes draw the the affections of an idiot, the attention of a curious onlooker, or someone whose intentions are more threatening. Which brings me to the next point:

When threatened, you’ll defend yourself tooth and claw. You may be super cute, but you’re not going to take any crap. You don’t like being cornered, you’ll make yourself taller, spit, hiss and fight your way out. They’ll call you a crazy animal, but that’s what happens when your untamable spirit feels threatened.