This Week's Work


I’m starting off the week’s work with a sketch in colored pencil. I was inspired by two colors: gold and periwinkle. The Bradford Pear trees in the neighborhood took on lovely golden leaves after the cold weather last week, and the powder blue almost lilac color of periwinkle always looks pretty with gold. The rain that followed the cold spell, warmed the days a bit, and soaked the bark of the trees. The tree trunks turned dark, and caused the golden leaves to look even brighter against the contrast. It was really beautiful.

Friday night, I completed a practice watercolor painting during my first ever live-stream on YouTube. I tried to channel my best Bob Ross while painting and interacting with viewers. I think I pulled it off. At the very least, I managed to complete the painting within an hour.

It was a whole new experience, as I’ve never talked through the creation of an entire painting. Typically my process for painting (or creating in general) is very private and introverted. My thoughts and next steps are rarely spoken out loud. Although I must confess that I like the vision of a mad artist at work, talking to herself, and occasionally answering. For the purposes of the live-stream, however, I had an interested audience asking me questions, and cheering me on. I am very pleased at how it all went. I will continue to get better at it, and will iron out the technical challenges.


The completed painting provided me with a rough draft of what I’ll be working on this week. I wanted to make sure that the reference photo I’d chosen was a viable candidate for an acrylic painting. I think it will work out.

The process behind this series of work may seem, to the casual observer, a bit nonsensical. It began with a jumping ball and a tutu. A couple of items that my inner child finds truly awesome! My next step in the process was capturing a sense of childlike wonder. I took to the streets with my hippity hop ball, in my tutu and big black boots and sunglasses, and I hopped. With abandon like a child, enjoying myself regardless of who was watching. Videos and photos were taken and shared. This week, the real work of capturing that mood in paint continues!