New Year's Resolution

It is the first day of a new year. Once again, I have made a commitment to the tradition of New Year's Resolutions. I have made such resolutions before, and all too often, have failed miserably. I think I've figured out what I was lacking. Every other resolution I've ever made is lacking accountability. So I've decided to share my resolve with whomever is willing to read this. By making my resolve available to others, I feel a sense of obligation and accountability. 

This year, I resolve to communicate. I've neglected my inner voice too long. I'm an introvert. An Over-thinker Extraordinaire!  I've been avoiding social situations. I haven't shared my creativity and heart. My communication and self expression have suffered. I haven't engaged fully with the world around me.

I tend to get into the pool slowly. One toe at a time. Always convincing myself that I'll slowly adjust to the temperature. Not this time. I have got to jump into this head first, straight into the deep end!

As I work on finding and refining my voice again, I have a few things I'll be implementing. I'll be corresponding more with the amazing people who have been kind and supportive through difficult times. I've already begun sharing older artwork on my website that's never been shown before. I'll be writing and blogging regularly. I'll be sharing my thoughts, work and progress on social media. I'm even working out the details for a vlog.

Many thanks to all of my followers! Many of you have been faithful throughout the past year as I've figured out social media. I hope to keep you engaged throughout the coming year with more content and art!